MBA in Indiana University (Online MBA)

Master of Business Administration

Business leaders manage the company’s operational, organizational and managerial responsibilities. The MBA Business Administration provides theory and practice training and prepares you to guide the critical business processes of an organization.

The online MBA program at IU includes two weeks of Kelly Connect, one at the beginning of the program and one at the end of the program. Kelly Connect Week hosts highly educational and networking weeks at IU Bloomington’s beautiful campus.

During this two-week stay, you will meet with colleagues and business management professors at the Kelly Direct Online MBA as you work on business issues directly for the real client.

Get a deeper major

Complete the rest of the education online. Our newly designed curriculum combines a strong integrated business core, a variety of optional materials and important new offerings. Once more than 50% of the program is available for personalization,

you will enjoy the benefits of the traditional seven major MBAs. Take courses in Economics, Quantitative Analysis, Accounting, Strategic Marketing Management, Operations Management, Financial Management, Business Planning, Information Technology, Global Business, Business Law, and more. You will also run a final team building plan that allows you to actively apply what you have learned in the program.

Kelly Direct MBA students are well known in the market. The average salary of new graduates of the online MBA program increased by 29%, and about two-thirds of them progressed after graduation.

Custom completion options

In addition to the MBA, you will receive 54 credits or an additional 12 credit hours for the Master of Business Administration with only four additional courses in Masters in Finance, Global Supply Chain Management, Information Technology Management, Business Analysis, Strategic Management and other active areas. Can choose

Your IU Online MBA prepares you for growth in industries such as



Marketing, branding and public relations


Business and operational development



Arranging work

Study requirements

To get an MBA, you need to complete a total of 54 credit times.

The requirements are divided as follows.

Mandatory Business Administration (27 credits)

Business Administration Selection (27 credit times)


To be accepted into this program, you must have

Bachelor’s degree

Note: This program is not licensed, exempt, or regulated and may admit students from all 50 states.

How to apply for this program

El Kelly Complete the application form directly.

Interview Invite for an interview.

Complete the Indiana University Graduate School Application Form, which includes a personal statement (maximum of 500 words), a resume, and three recommendations.

Submit GMAT or GRE results.

Submit official transcript

Submit TOEFL or IELTS scores (for international students only)



courses These courses represent a selection of basic courses. The full course schedule is prepared after joining the program.

BUKD-C-520 Quantitative Analysis 3 credits

BUKD-C-521 Accounting 3 credit hours

BUKD-F-596 Financial Management 3 credits

BUKD-G-596Eomotics3 Credits

BUKD-J-596 Strategic Capability Development 3 credits

BUKD-L-596 Business Law and Ethics 3 credits

BUKD-M-596 Strategic Marketing Management 3 credits

BUKD-P 596 Operations Management 3 credits

BUKD-S-596 Technology and Digital Innovation 3 credits

BUKD-X-503 Titles in Business Targeted Interaction 1.5 Credits

BUKD-X-513 Business Analysis Oriented Oriented 1.5 credits

BUKD-X-596 Integrative Direct Case Experience 3 credits

BUKD-Z-596 Organizational Behavior 3 credits

Does it feel like being an online student at IU?

Get user interface instructions wherever you are

When you sign up for the IU Online Program, you will receive IU courses offered by the same campus that teaches at our campus.

It’s a flexible, inexpensive way to learn UI without affecting your life or career.

Get the help you need to succeed

As a student of the online user interface program, you will have the opportunity to interact with your professors and classmates and seek help as a campus-on-program.

You also have access to a number of educational and other support services that you can refer to if you need additional help. You are an important part of the IU community and we are committed to ensuring that you have the resources you need to succeed in your online program.

Harvesting for decades

Regardless of the field in which you work, an IU degree or certificate can improve your chances of promotion or growth.

You will also gain skills that will help you succeed in the future, whether you want to complete an advanced degree in your current subject or want to radically change your career.

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