Ramadan Kareem 2020 Images Wishes & Wallpapers | Ramdan Mubarak Messages

Ramadan Kareem 2020 Images Wishes & Wallpapers | Ramdan Mubarak Messages image

During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, Muslim believers greet one another by saying, “Ramadan Mubarak.” This greeting, which means “Blessed Ramadan,” is just one traditional way that people greet their friends and passers-by during this holy time.

Ramadan celebrates the date in 610 when, according to Islamic tradition, the Koran was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

Throughout the month, Muslims are called to renew their spiritual commitment to daily fasting, prayer, and acts of mercy. It is time to purify the soul, turn our attention to Allah, and practice self-discipline.

Greetings to Ramadan
Muslims believe that Ramadan is filled with the blessing of sharing with one and all, and it is appropriate to wish them well at the beginning of the month. In addition to saying “Ramadan Mubarak”, another traditional Arabic greeting is “Ramadan Kareem” (meaning “Noble Ramadan”). If you feel special in words, you can choose to love your friends by saying, “Kul am am enta bi-kair”, which means “Every year can find you in good health.”

In addition to common Ramadan greetings, some terms are often used among friends and family to make them well-loved. One of the most common is: “As you fast and pray to Allah, may you find your peace and happiness.

Have a peaceful and happy Ramadan! “Or the greeting may be simpler, such as ‘I wish you all the blessings of the holy month.’ Words are less important than the intention and compassion behind them.

Quran quotes
The Quran, the Islamic holy book, contains many quotes related to Ramadan and his visits.

Sending Quran quotes to friends or family is one way to show your commitment to the faith. Choosing a quote is a matter of personal choice. For example, if a friend struggles with keeping fasting, you can offer this quote from the Qur’an in support: “Allah is with those who dwell” (Surah 16.128 [The Bee]).

You can also remind your friend that the Quran says that as long as it fulfills the number of days and glorifies God, that person is righteous:

“As for the month of Ramadan in which the Koran was addressed as a human guidance and explanation of that instruction and that illumination, as soon as one of you records the moon, let him set fast, but whoever is ill, or on the way, will set as well as the number other days. God comforts you, but you do not discourage your inconvenience and fulfill the number of days, and praise God for his guidance and be grateful “(Surah 2.181 [The Cow]).

About love
“You will never achieve good until you give alms to what you love, and whatever you give, from the truth that God knows” (Surah 3 [Famili Imran], v. 86).

“Who give mercy, similar to prosperity and success, and who master their anger and forgive others!

God loves the doer of good ”(Surah 3 [Imran Family], verse 128).

About fasting and retention
“Those who turn to God and those who serve, who praise, who become, who worship, who prostrate, who enjoy what is righteous and forbid what is evil and hold on to God’s boundaries and hell; good faith to believers” ( Sura 9 [Immunity], v. 223).

“Happy now Believers, who humble themselves in their prayer, and who keep themselves extraordinary from the word, and who are the doers of merciful deeds and who refrain their appetites” (Surah 23 [Believers], verses 1-7).

General prayers
“In the name of God, Compassionate, Merciful
Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds!
Compassionate, gracious!
King on the day of reckoning!
We only worship and weep for help.
Take us on a straight path,
The path to those you have been kind to; angry, but who does not go astray ”(Surah 1.1-7).

“Say, ‘I have sought refuge from the Lord about the danger of his creature’s troubles, and against the affliction of my feet when he warms me up, and against the wickedness of strange women, and against bad faith when he is envieth'” (Surah 113.1-5 [The Daybreak]).

Ramadan region
At the end of the month, Muslims observe a holiday called Eid al-Fitr. After reciting special prayers for the ending of the last brother, the faithful begin the celebration of Eid. As with Ramadan, there are special greetings to welcome your friends to Eid.

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Ramadan Mubarak 2020 Images












Ramadan Mubarak ki dua


Ramzan k pehle Ashre ki dua!
ياحيي ياقيوم برحمتك استغيث
Dosre Ashre ki dua!

Ramadan Mubarak ki fazilat in urdu


Ramadan 2020 Wishes Messages

  • May Allah bring you more blessings this Ramadan Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.


  • Ramadan ka chand daikha,Rozay ki dua mangi, Roshan sitara daikha,Aap ki khairiat ki dua mangi,May Almight Allah bless you with hisblessing in the holy month of Ramadan(Ameen)


  • Ramadan is the best chance to ask Allah for forgiveness. Thank him for his blessings and for keeping you alive till this moment.Ramadan Mubarak 2019


  • I Hope I Am The First Wishing you and your family the blessings of the month of Ramadan.Ramadan Mubarak 




-اے اللہ مجھے رمضان کے لئے سلامت رکھ اور رمضان کو میرے لئے رحمت بنا -رمضان کا چاند مبارک ہو
تمام اہل اسلام اور اہل وطن کو رمضان کریم کی آمد کی بہت بہت مبارک ہو۔ اللہ کریم اس مبارک مہینے کی برکتوں سے سب کو مالامال فرمائے۔ امت مسلمہ اور وطن پاکستان کو ان مبارک ساعتوں میں ضرور یاد رکھیں۔​
میری دعا ہے کہ اللہ تعالٰی اس مبارک ماہ اپنی رحمتوں کو زیادہ سے زیادہ سمیٹنے کی توفیق عطا فرمائے آمین
تمام احباب کو رمضان المبارک کی مبارکباد قبول ہو۔۔ اللہ پاک اس مبارک ماہ کے طفیل ہم سب پر اور ہمارے ملک پر اپنی برکتیں نازل فرمائے اور ہم سب کو صراط مستقیم پر چلنے کی توفیق عطا فرمائے، اور ہمیں اپنی غلطیوں کو سدھارنے کی توفیق دے۔۔۔آمین ​


“hum ap k dil main rehte hain,
Is liye her dard sehte hain,

Koi hum se pehle WISH na ker de apko,
Is liye sub se pehlay “Happy Ramadan ul mubarak” kehte hain”

“Dear friend,
Your validity for taking food
during the day time has expired.

Please fast next 30 days
to resume your day time food.

Thank you for eating.
Happy Ramazan”


“Narrated Aisha:
Allah’s Apostle said,
Search for the Night of Qadr in
the odd nights of
the last ten days of Ramadan”


“Be-zabano ko jub wo zaban deta hay,
Parhne ko phir wo QURAN deta hay,

Bakshne pay aata hay jub ummat k gunahon ko,
Tohfay mein gunahgaron ko RAMAZAN deta hai”

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